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What New HHAs Need to Know About Enhanced Oversight

The Centers For Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) announces provisional periods of enhanced oversight for new home health agencies (HHAs).

CMS states the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is responsible for this oversight of HHAs in all states and territories. This will allow CMS to closely monitor provider and supplier types typically involved in high levels of fraud, waste, and abuse.

This provisional period will also include non-payment or suppression of all Requests For Anticipated Payment (RAPs) for 30 days to 1 year. New HHAs will be notified of how long they are in the provisional period, but must still submit RAPs in order to receive payment.

New HHAs will begin receiving these notices in the mail from either CMS or one of its contractors.

With this in mind, CMS may eventually announce enhanced oversight for other types of providers.

To find out further information, refer to the MLN Matters Number SE19005.

Also, take note of the revisions made to the Star Kids Program Support Unit Operational Procedures Handbook.

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