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How EMR Helps Save Time For Healthcare Providers

Time is of the utmost importance to healthcare providers. EMRs help streamline the process by getting rid of timely paperwork, and allowing more interaction with clients. It cuts down on resources, and allows easily shared data all in one place.

One of the challenges with EMR is tailoring it to specific needs of clinicians. The advantage of Marzet, is we do just that. We can customize your program to fit your specific needs.

Other challenges of EMR include system usability, IT education, and interconnectivity between different systems and providers. Marzet offers education and tech support to ensure usability. 

St. Andrew's Toowoomba Hospital in Queensland utilizes a single platform and database for centralized workflows. This platform pushes for quality and efficiency of care, as well as patient safety. There's exciting promise around the world for this kind of technology.

The future of EMRs is rapidly changing and being adopted by clinicians. EMR providers will continue to find ways to address issues faced by patients, clinicians, and healthcare providers. 

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