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Computers And Smartphone Technology Are Taking Clinician's Jobs

What can smart phones do that a clinician can't?

As the year comes to a close we're prompted to reflect on the many changes and advancements the world of home health has experienced in 2018. In the past year the Food and Drug Administration has given the green-light to many interesting new medical technologies and devices that may dramatically alter the future of home care. Companies such as Apple and other mainstream developers have announced that their devices are able to perform medical tasks such as taking EKGs, detect dangerous falls, and even scan retinas for testing.

As technology develops rapidly providers are beginning to realize that computers are capable of contributing a lot to home health care providers. How they choose to utilize it, however, is up to them. Technology should not be seen as a replacement to care providers, but a supplement and valuable tool. In situations where patient is capable of being more independent, tools such as these can allow them to feel liberated and in control of their situation.

EMR with Marzet is a prime example of modern technology working alongside clinicians to improve efficiency and security of patient care and information.

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